Peach Camera

This is our information as of the summer of '94. Check with
VVL for correct information.

Product                 Camera
Product name            Peach CMOS Monochrome Video Camera
Short description       CCIR Standard Composite Video, 48 grams,
                        various lens-options
Address                 VLSI Vision Ldt, Aviation House, 31 Pinkhill,
                        Edinburgh EH12 7BF, Scotland
Person                  Iain Kyle <>
Phone, Fax, E-mail      P:+44 (0) 131-539-7111, F: +44 (0) 131-539-7140
Source                  Alister Minty <>
Price                   GBP 99 (summer '94) inquire at the email address

We are in no way affiliated with VVL. This information is included
only for your benefit (and to save me sending it by email each time.)

July 7, 1994

More info:


Date: Fri, 27 Jan 95 22:04:02 GMT
From: Ian Simmins 
Subject: Information on VLSI camera


I contacted Iain Kyle at the address you give in your WWWpage 
( and they replied with 
the following:

>Technically & price wise ok but we now sell in the UK through our distributor 
>Kudos Thame T: 01734 351010, Fax : 01734 351030, e-mail
>They have all brochures etc.
>Iain Kyle

I hope you find this useful for your records.


Jan 30, 1994

In a personal mail Ian Kyle says that where there is no local dealer,
they will handle sales directly. Just send them a mail to find the 
correct dealer.

- Barre