Film experiments

(See the instructions at the bottom of the page.)
Our house on February 18, 1994 (we painted it red last summer). (1,296K QuickTime.)
A couple of scenes from events at the 17th Olympics Games at Lillehammer. (806K QuickTime.)
A post and beam assembly in 2 variants. I thought this could be a nice illustration of demos of component assembly films. (14K and 16K QT.)

This is a 4.5MB film from the interior of our home.

A welcome message with sound track. This is a 1.5 MB Quick Time movie.
Um Kalthoum - 3 really large QuickTime films with sound, including one of the legendary Egyptian singer in concert.

A 2.6MB QuickTime movie of the changing light on Katland Fyr (Lighthouse) outside Loshavn. Lista on the south coast of Norway.

(QT will only run on machines with Quicktime support. This includes Macintoshes (native QuickTime country), NeXTs (under NeXTime), some PC's and SGI Indies. Also remember that you must have the correct external viewers linked to your Mosaic client to run sound, films and separate pictures. The QT movies are also displayable with Xanim 2.64 under X-Windows.)

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