Remote Control CU-SeeMe Camera

Video is usually sent from

Click the arrows to turn the camera.
The outer double arrows move it
about twice as far as the inner singles.

This is a dummy of the page that provides remote control of a small video camera sending CU-SeeMe live video from my students' lab at Østfold College. The system runs on send an email to if it's not up and running.

Here's the pan & tilt controller:

Click the panels for enlargments and details. It's made of a LEGO Technic kit & a Mini Board 2.0 The controller page sends message to an Apple Script which in turn activates a SuperCard stack that communicates with the Mini Board over a serial RS232 line. The camera is the Peach video camera from VLSI Vision and an example CU-SeeMe image from the wide-angled version is in the lower right picture in the panel above. The software used is available as ptsw.sit.hqx. Remember, you also need the MacHTTP server for the system to work.

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