This domain


A corner of Norway.

We're located in the south eastern-most corner of Norway. On the island of Kråkerøy near the town of Fredrikstad. Fredrikstad is about 40 km west of Halden and 100 km south of the capital Oslo, on the eastern shore of the Oslofjord.

The net in Østfold.

This map shows the Uninett topologi of Østfold with the various nodes, domains and sub-domains. Although geographically separate, our domestic net is a subdomain of Østfold Regional College (, which is configured as the sentral node for this part of the country.

Our little net.

This is a 3-dimensional drawing of our local ethernet with its various computers.

The remote workplace

My home office as seen through the remote controlled video camera.

This photograph shows the users in our little domain.


The net in Norway and international connectivity. (Click daglig gjennomsnitt for the most recent daily average load.

Local line load. This is a graphic representation load on the line into the house today.

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