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This project is Østfold Regional College's Informatics Department 
contribution to the national CoMMedia 
research program and is supported by Uninett 
and Norwegian Telecom. 

Østfold Regional College.
HiØ (Høgskolen i Østfold ) is a regional college located in the town of Halden in the south eastern-most corner of Norway. HiØ is a college in the Norwegian system of regional colleges that enables students to take course studies in subjects aimed at early entry into employment, particularly in the business community, without having to study at distant locations. HiØ has around 1000 students in departments of business administration, languages, social sciences and informatics. The Informatics Department, where I teach, has around 250 students i three main courses of study. The department offers a one year course for students of other disciplines (such as teaching) who need a general introduction to the field. There is a 2-year course in computer science and a third year of specialization. The third year offers 2 streams, one in neural networks/fuzzy logic and a specialization in multimedia/information architecure.

The regional nature of the regional colleges has assumed less importance over time in favour of specializations and more complete courses of education leading to degrees. Internationalization has also become an important aspect both of studies and research at the colleges. This effort has lead to a national reorganization of the regional colleges along with other colleges of higher learning. Consequently around 100 colleges were, through a process of merging and consolidation, reduced to 28 regional universities. As of August 1, 1994, Østfold Distriktshøgskole became be part of Østfold College distributed among the towns of Fredrikstad, Halden and Sarpsborg.

In order to provide a common basis for research and development of nationally distributed multimedia systems, the CoMMedia (Cooperation, Communication & Multimedia) program has been established on the initiative of norwegian universities and research institutes. Participants in the program are the universities in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Tromsøe along with Østfold Regional College, Televerkets Forskningsinstitutt (TF), NR, SINTEF DELAB, SINTEF SI, NORUT IT, UNINETT og the National Library in Rana (NBR). Participants not directly linked on this page may be found on the Norweb WWW page. This is a link to a short report in Norwegian on the results of the CoMMedia initialization project.

Uninett is the Norwegian educational, research and cultural network provider that ties into the Internet through Nordunet. Uninett has kindly provided our connection to the Internet and contributed an HP 27285A ER Router which is the bridge between our local ethernet and the regional backbone.
Uninett is responsible for the Samson Project which ties all publicly funded colleges and Universities in Norway into the Internet. It is that project wich gave Norway the highest global Internet participation of 5 nodes per 1000 inhabitants in 1993.
The European Community's "Bangemann Report" Europe and the global information society, of May, 1994 states on page 29 about Application Three, A network for Universities and Research Centres; "What target? Thirty percent of European universities and research centres linked through advanced communications networks by 1997. Extension to other European countries as this becomes technologically feasible."
Uninett provides a Gopher server with mainly Norwegian language information about is service to the educational and research community.

Norwegian Telecom
Televerket is the national telecommunications provider in Norway. They have contributed a fixed 64Kbps digital line to the project which allows us continuous, 24-hour connectivity to the Internet. TF (Televerket's Forskningsavdeling) is Norwegian Telecom's Research Institute at Kjeller, just north east of Oslo. At the moment they provide the only information interface between Norwegian Telecom and the Internet.

This server is located on a Mac IIsi running the MacHTTP server software.

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