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Montage of CU-SeeMe sessions. Video from my office at home. (That's Mustafa Kemal looking over my shoulder.) There's my office at the college, the Buckman School in Portland, Oregon (with Abbey, Tim and friends), Luo from the University of Pejing and an image from the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony of 1994. The audio window was catured while sending sound.

The MultiMedia Lab in our Computer Science Department (Østfold Regional College, Halden, Norway) runs a permanent reflector ( in cooperation with the SMM-project. Other reflectors can be found on the list below. Connections, reflector machines and how to use the software is described in the README files that come with CU-SeeMe which is available by anonymous ftp from in the /pub/video directory. There is also a CU-SeeMe version for MS-Windows.

For European users, the programs are available through the Uninett PC-based real-timemultimedia comuunications support center SMM, where we also have Maven, Charlie Kline's excellent adio program for the Internet.

Normally, our own CU-SeeMe activities will be sent on reflector If you want to meet me on a personal basis, try connecting to or just send me a mail and we can arrange to meet somewhere on the net.

There's more information about audio / video tools for the Internet at Uninett's multimedia server.

CU-SeeMe stuff

The official CU-SeeMe homepage at Cornell
CU-SeeMe stuff in Norwegian
Multimedia Integrated Conferencing
Mike Sattler's CU-SeeMe page.
My visit to Carla Schutte's class at the Global Schoolhouse.

These video experiments are brought to you through the efforts of Richard Cogger <> and the CU-SeeMe team at Cornell.

NASA Select

NASA Select video is relayed from the Lewis Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio to Lund University for viewers on the European side of the Atlantic. The reflector IP number is

Lewis Makes Internet Television a Reality Worldwide by Doreen B. Zudell (Reprinted from the October 7, 1994 edition of the LEWIS NEWS)
During week 15 (in April 1994), we had a special event. The first relay of NASA Select programming for CU-SeeMe users in Europe - NASA Shuttle Mission STS-59

STS 65 shuttle Columbia landed on July 23, 1994. STS-68 flies on August 18. Watch NASA Select on CU-SeeMe for video and audio, if you do not have direct cable TV access.

(Upcoming Space Shuttle Missions)

Video Camera

This is a camera my students have used for some of their multimediaprojects. (Click the picture for particulars.) It's sometimes used to transmit video from their lab too. (Look for us at the fenris reflector: Currently though (March 1997) we use Connectix QuickCams for most of these applications.

This is a remote control experiment, by which I use a MacHTTP web server, a LEGO Technic kit and a Miniboard 2 to pan and tilt a small video camera. Details are on a separate page.

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