Fredrikstad, Norway

The original 1994-98 pages:


We're located in the south eastern-most corner of Norway. On the island of Kråkerøy near the town of Fredrikstad. Fredrikstad is about 40 km west of Halden and 100 km south of the capital Oslo, on the eastern shore of the Oslofjord.

Maps of Norway, Fredrikstad and a small portion og Kråkerøy with instruction on how to reach us.

Pictures of Fredrikstad.


Smertu, Kråkerøy, oktober 1996

Glomma - Gamlebyen - Østerelva - Isegran - Vesterelva, oktober 1996

Holmen, oktober 1996

Vesterelva og Vestsiden, oktober 1996

The modern town center seen from Kråkerøy in 1927. (Photograph by Sollem, courtesy of Fredrikstad Museum.)

The river Glomma where it splits into the east and west rivers with the fortified old town beyond.(Picture from some video I recorded in early April, 1994.)

This is the way it looks from a NOAA weather satellite. This is HRPT Imagery from Alexei Mazourov, Space Research Institute, Moscow, April 11, 1993.

A larger scale image (55K), showing the whole Oslofjord including part of the Swedish east coast.

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