Sound experiments

(This is experimental, so don't expect it to work on all platforms. The format is Sun .au.)

Pat barking! (Pat was our dear deceased Golden Retriever. She has since been replaced by Balthazar - a giant poodle who will soon be introduced. Who ever said "On the Internet no one know's you're a dog"?!)

Hijack: These are bits of recorded air traffic control conversation during the 1993 hijacking that ended up at Gardermoen Airport north of Oslo. The conversation goes like this:
Oslo control: "We have a hijack going on. Could you check in on your company [frequency] for further information." (This is probably because the aircraft asked for some service that Oslo control didn't feel he could answer at that particular time.)
Aircraft (unidentified): "We will do that. Thank you."
A few minutes later:
Oslo departure: "Scandinavian 1511, contact Oslo on 124.95. Goodnight."
Scandinavian 1511 (an SAS flight): "Over to 124.95, Scandinavian 1511 - Good night and good luck!"
Oslo departure: "-"
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